About LNG

Small-scale LNG production takes us one step closer to a cleaner planet, for this reason alone it is worthy of our attention. 

The quest for clean, greener fuels

We’ve embarked on the beginning of the last days of the age of oil.

Mike Bowlin

Crude oil is no longer what it used to be. The enormous damage to the environment is reaching a tipping point, and it may soon be too late for humankind to alter course. Yet diesel is firmly established as the dominant fuel of choice for heavy-duty applications (such as in trucks, industrial vehicles, power generating plants and so on).

Alternative fuels

What if there was an alternative to diesel that was cheaper and more environmentally friendly? What if we could make this alternative from renewable sources of energy? What if this alternative is relatively safe and easy to transport? What if we could make it in remote locations close to the end-users, thereby avoiding the need for trucking fuel in from refineries far away? What if this alternative works perfectly in existing diesel engines with only a few inexpensive modifications?


Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) meets all the criteria for a replacement for diesel that is more environmentally friendly and cheaper.

An opportunity to make a difference

A goal of PolaireTech is to  convert gas to LNG as close as possible to consumers where the overall economics of doing so are attractive, for example in remote, under-serviced areas or where the logistics are very expensive. We also seek to unlock trapped value in stranded gas sources, be they natural gas, CBM, Biogas or other.

We accomplish this goal by providing our customers with standardised small scale modular LNG plants that conveniently connect to a local gas supply (such as biogas or natural gas) to produce low cost clean LNG.


Shortest project life cycle

Our standard module designs significantly shorten the time to the first LNG production.



Our standard modules can be combined in any combination to easily increase or decrease production depending on the requirement.



With a choice of front end gas cleanup technologies, LNG can be made from a range of gas sources such as biogas, natural gas and pipeline gas with varying compositions. 


Simple and cheap

The ZR-LNG process offered by PolaireTech is simple to operate with very few items of equipment to maintain.  Benchmarked against alternative LNG production technologies, ZR-LNG technology leads in overall economic attractiveness.  

Other benefits


Inherently safer

When handled correctly LNG is very safe in comparison to conventional diesel or petroleum. 


Utilise stranded resources

Small-scale modular LNG plants can operate close to stranded gas resources such as coal-bed methane fields that otherwise could not be exploited due to the high cost of distribution.


Leverage renewable sources such as Biomethane

Biomethane is a renewable source of gas that can be produced through digestion of waste organic materials found in agriculture, wastewater treatment and landfills.  Biomethane, which is often produced in remote areas is an ideal feedstock for an LNG production plant.

A typical “yellow machine” used in mining that can be converted to run on LNG

(Image courtesy of CAT)