We design, fabricate and supply standardised, modular plants to customers looking for a cost-effective, environmentally friendly small-scale LNG energy solution.  

PlaireTech P5 3D model

About PolaireTech

PolaireTech is a joint venture established in 2020 between Owner Team Consultation (OTC) and SAIYL.  The JV was established to  develop and fabricate small scale modular LNG plants for the Southern African region.  Together with our development partners (DyCat in Canada and Gasconsult in the United Kingdom), we are able to offer small-scale modular LNG plants to many locations, around the world.



The PolaireTech modular LNG solutions are based on the Zero Refrigerant LNG (ZR-LNG) technology, developed by Gasconsult. 

The ZR-LNG technology has several inherent advantages over the traditional LNG refrigeration processes, including very low equipment count and very efficient energy usage costs.  These translate into the lowest total cost of ownership.  The standardised, modular plants give our customers a low cost, quick to deploy and entirely scalable energy solution.

Modular LNG Production

Our standardised modular LNG production units are fast and easy to deploy, at the lowest capital and operating cost

Project development

OTC and SAIYL  help our customers throughout the LNG project life-cycle starting with identifying the opportunity, performing feasibility studies, obtaining project financing, design, procurement & construction.

Support Services

We work closely with OEM partners to fabricate all the components and take care of the total maintenance for you. We also provide full production support.

Only the Best


Award Winning Technology

The ZR-LNG technology has received several international awards. It is very cost competitive and simple to operate in comparison with the alternatives in the market.


Successful Partnerships

OTC have decades of experience in developing energy projects around the world. 

SAIYL have significant engineering, project execution, fabrication and construction capabilities.

Together, as PolaireTech we have partnered with technology licensors, specialists in modular design and with equipment manufacturers to provide a complete, integrated solution for our customers.


Innovative Energy Solutions

With a shorter project lifecycle, a scalable and adaptable integrated modular design, and the most efficient LNG refrigeration process in the industry, PolaireTech can provide you with a fast, adaptable and responsive energy solution for your application.



Engineers, Consultants and Specialists


“Not only has LNG been proven to reduce emissions by up to 30%, it also costs about 30% less than diesel”

Freek van Heerden, Technical Lead