PolaireTech is a technology company that supplies technology for the construction of small-scale, standardized, modular plants for the liquefaction of natural gas.

We believe that natural gas, especially liquefied natural gas (LNG) is an excellent and clean intermediary fuel in the global transformation to a hydrogen-based economy, especially when used as a replacement for other fossil fuels. Small-scale LNG could be used to monetize flared gas and minor localized gas resources.

Our Story

Over the Years


Innovation milestones

Gasconsult Limited pioneered the revolutionary zero-refrigerant LNG technology (ZR-LNG) for small and mid-scale applications, garnering patents for its innovation. The venture received crucial backing from Innovate UK, the UK’s national innovation agency, with a mandate to address the energy trilemma (Energy Security, Energy Affordability and Energy Sustainability),  and apply the technology in a developing nation. Partnering with Owner Team Consultation (Pty) Ltd in 2017, Gasconsult embarked on a quest to identify a methane resource in Southern Africa suitable for their proprietary ZR-LNG technology. This collaboration led to a prefeasibility study for a 60,000 tpa LNG plant, utilizing coal-bed methane (CBM) from Kalahari Energy’s concessions in Botswana. The study, completed by mid-2018, showcased project viability and a projected payback period of around 7 years, marking a significant milestone in the journey of LNG innovation.


From vision to reality

Born from the prefeasibility study supported by Innovate UK, a groundbreaking idea took root within the executive team at Owner Team Consultation (OTC) – an idea that would evolve into a dedicated company focused on delivering small-scale LNG solutions to harness flared gas and untapped gas deposits. The journey began with the formulation of modular LNG plants, introducing 5 ktpa and 60 ktpa options under the brand name PolaireTech. Several key milestones marked this period of progress:

  • A licensing agreement was established with Gasconsult for small-scale LNG plants.
  • A strategic partnership was solidified with DyCat Solutions, leveraging modularization expertise.
  • The evolution of modularization concepts took shape.
  • Technical developments encompassing PFDs, P&IDs, and datasheets were achieved.
  • Collaborations with original equipment manufacturers were established.
  • Thorough LNG plant layouts, capital costs, and operational expenses were meticulously formulated.
  • Techno-commercial evaluations were concluded across various scenarios.
  • Gas sources, LNG off-takers, and development funders were identified.
  • Engagements with prospective clients for LNG offerings were initiated.
  • Business and marketing plans were meticulously crafted, paving the path forward.

This transformative journey signifies a leap from concept to realization, propelling small-scale LNG solutions into a new era of efficiency and opportunity.


The birth of PolaireTech International

Incorporated in Canada in 2022, PolaireTech International emerged as a dynamic force, pioneered by 12 visionary private shareholders with close affiliations to OTC and Dycat.  A pivotal moment arrived in 2022, as process flow diagrams underwent value engineering, unveiling a path to substantial capital cost reduction by eliminating one compander, while maintaining optimal efficiency. This shift led to the birth of Z1-LNG technology, signaling a transformative phase. PolaireTech’s efforts to secure funding saw the distribution of a comprehensive prospectus, though interest was limited due to a preference for LNG projects over technology ventures. Undeterred, PolaireTech embarked on a comprehensive redesign of the process flow diagram, marking the genesis of a remarkable journey.

2023 Onwards

EPC Partnership with Proconics

PolaireTech entered into an agreement with Proconics, a South African EPC contractor, in 2023 to assist with the detailed design and cost estimation of the LNG plants for an equity share in PolaireTech.

Plans are underway for a 5 ktpa proof-of-concept facility to be established on the developing gas fields in South Africa. It is believed that this will give further impetus to PolaireTech’s marketing efforts.

The search for a corporate investor in PolaireTech continues to gain momentum. A project manager was appointed to specifically drive this initiative.

Innovative technology

PolaireTech technology is elegant in its simplicity and holds several competitive advantages.

Desire for energy self-sufficiency for southern Africa:

The South Africa based component of PolaireTech has an inherent desire to monetise small and isolated gas resources to help make southern Africa more energy independent.