Regional Representation

Unlocking global potential through strategic partnerships.

Technology licensing.

Manufacture and supply of plant.

Project development services.

EPC contracting.

Regional Representation

With representation and strategic partnerships in 4 regions, PolaireTech is able to deliver  small-scale modular LNG solutions globally.

PolaireTech subsidiaries

PolaireTech International supplies technology for the construction of small-scale, standardized, modular plants for the liquefaction of natural gas and is registered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. PolaireTech subsidiary companies are responsible for marketing, detail design, manufacturing, supply, installation, commissioning, and ongoing support of PolaireTech small-scale LNG plants in their demarcated areas.

PolaireTech International currently has two subsidiary companies, namely:

·       PolaireTech India, based in India.

·       PolaireTech Africa, based in South Africa.

PolaireTech International holds 49% equity in PolaireTech India, Vivek Ummat of Greenature Micro LNG Private Limited holds 31%, and H-Square Engineers Private Limited holds the remaining 20%. The PolaireTech India offices are located at 101 Tribhuvan Complex, Mathura Road, Delhi South, Delhi DL, 1100065 IN.  PolaireTech India’s area of responsibility is the whole of India.

PolaireTech India delivers full small-scale LNG solutions to our clients in India from feasibility, scoping, and engineering design, to manufacture, supply, installation, commissioning, and ongoing support.

PolaireTech International holds 49% equity in PolaireTech Africa, with Owner Team Consultation (Pty) Ltd holding the remaining 51%. PolaireTech Africa are currently looking for additional investors in the business which will reduce this shareholding. PolaireTech Africa is a South African registered company with offices in Gauteng, South Africa.  PolaireTech Africa’s area of responsibility is the whole of the African continent.

PolaireTech Africa delivers full small-scale LNG solutions to our clients in Africa from feasibility, scoping, and engineering design, to manufacture, supply, installation, commissioning, and ongoing support.

Key PolaireTech Partners

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Owner Team Consultation (OTC)

Southern Africa

Owner Team Consultation (Pty) Ltd (OTC) is a team of highly experienced engineering and project management consultants, based in South Africa, with complementary competencies specialising in providing holistic expert consulting services to the gas, energy, and chemical industries. OTC supports business clients in:

·      Developing projects to meet their business needs.

·      Executing their projects successfully.

·      Improving existing business performance.

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DyCat Solutions

North America

DyCat Solutions helps energy and resource companies worldwide achieve cost certainty and maximize project profitability. They use modularization to minimize schedule and labour risks, and help their clients focus on ESG targets in a progressively competitive market.

DyCat Solutions provides Industrial Modularization, Productization, Lean Design, and Execution technical expertise, tools, and governance that support and deliver the project’s business objectives. They provide the following services:

·      Mentor, Coach & Train.

·      Facilitate Reviews & Evaluations.

·      Provide Governance & Quality Assurance.

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Gasconsult LNG LNG and LH2 Technologies

United Kingdom

Gasconsult Limited is a specialist technology and project development company, based in the United Kingdom. Gasconsult is an independent LNG and Liquid Hydrogen (LH2) technology licensor.

Gasconsult’s patented ZR-LNG (Zero-Refrigerant) liquefaction process is highly differentiated, uncomplicated, energy efficient, and uses no external refrigerants. Instead, it uses the natural gas feed as the refrigerant medium. The simple design and elimination of refrigerant infrastructure reduces capital cost, the project implementation schedule, and footprint of the plant.

The Gasconsult ZR-LNG technology is licensed to PolaireTech.

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South Africa

Proconics is a South African based Engineering company, established in 1995. They execute agile multi-discipline engineering projects, with a typical lifecycle of 12-18 months, to clients with critical infrastructures. These projects consist of modifications done on existing factories, as well as greenfields and renewable projects. Project execution ranges from pure design, up to total EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction).

Proconics has assisted in completing the design for the PolaireTech LNG plants.