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Small scale, modular LNG solutions

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Who is PolaireTech?

PolaireTech is a joint venture between Owner Team Consultation (OTC) and SAIYL to design, manufacture and support modular LNG plants from 5,000tpa to 60,000tpa capacity.

What do you do?

We connect end-users to alternative cost-effective energy sources, particularly in remote locations. LNG can be produced from renewable biogas or conventional gas sources.  LNG is easily transported in bulk by ship, rail or road; and is often used as a cheaper, convenient replacement for diesel. There are many other applications such as industrial and domestic heating.  It has a lower carbon footprint than other traditional energy sources. 

Where are you based?

Our office is in Sandton, South Africa.  We have consultants in Canada and the United Kingdom.  Our team collaborates using tools such as Zoom or Teams/Skype and would be happy to meet with you remotely, or even in-person for a coffee if you are near one of our locations.

What makes you unique?

PolaireTech offer a modular LNG solution based on a patented zero refrigerant (ZR-LNG) technology.  The capital and operating costs are highly competitive in comparison to traditional LNG production technologies.

Do you just do LNG?

No, PolaireTech was specially formed to develop the modular LNG concept.  The JV participants include experts in many industrial-scale processes, capital project development, EPC (engineering procurement and design) services, research and technology development and modular construction techniques.  Talk to us!