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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the small-scale LNG plants constructed?

PolaireTech is setting up long-term supply agreements for the proprietary equipment. This equipment will be delivered to the PolaireTech affiliate company in the region where the plant is to be erected. The LNG module will be assembled in a module yard within the region.

What other equipment and/or services do you supply?

Various supply options are available with the most basic option the supply of only the liquefaction module ex a module yard. The client will install the module and all the other equipment and PolaireTech will provide training and commissioning assistance.
A complete plant can contain in addition to the LNG module, a gas conditioning module, a feed gas compressor, a power generation unit, LNG storage and loading facilities, and a utilities module. These modules are optional, and the total scope of supply needs to be specified by the client. The modules and the required interconnects are all supplied on an ex-module yard basis.

How long does it take from order placement to fully operational plant?

The rotating equipment and cold box are long-lead items with the delivery time around 12 to 18 months.

Can we visit any reference installations?

At the moment, PolaireTech is developing various project for clients and the plant is considered to be at a readiness level of 8. There is however not yet any operating plant of PolaireTech available. An agreement is in place with a company that is operating some facilities in Europe for potential PolaireTech clients to visit. The plants also use a familiar methane refrigeration cycle liquefaction concept.

How can PolaireTech assist us with project development and engineering?

PolaireTech has agreements with engineering and EPC partners and can develop an optimized overall concept for a client based on his specific needs. The overall efficiency of a LNG plant is very dependent on the feed gas specification, the need for on-site power generation and the availability of utilities and we believe that to best meet the clients need we need to consider the client’s needs carefully and propose an optimised overall solution.
PolaireTech can also provide a plant on an EPC or LSTK basis.

What technical support is provided?

Technical support entails remote monitoring of the plant performance and triggering corrective actions in case of deviations. General technical support typically consists of regular reports on plant performance, troubleshooting, training, etc..

Can PolaireTech operate and maintain the plants?

Operating and maintenance services can be arranged for a PolaireTech small-scale LNG facility.

Can you monitor the plants remotely?

Yes, plants will be monitored remotely. The units are also designed as normally unattended units. Presence on site will mostly be required for LNG loading operations and minimal operation intervention.