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Our innovative modular LNG technology sets a new standard in small-scale LNG production.

Flexible feedstock options, a small footprint, high energy efficiency, and a scalable modular design result in a LNG liquefaction plant that sets a new cost benchmark in its class.

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We supply complete, standardized, modular small-scale LNG solutions.

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Zero Refrigerant Advantage

Small-scale LNG

Our highly cost-effective and efficient standardised modular LNG plants (Polaire P5TMand Polaire P60 TM ) produce 5ktpa and 60ktpa LNG respectively.

Unlock stranded energy

Polaire LNG plants are ideally suited to economically unlock isolated gas resources, making them ideal for remote mining and similar applications.

Replace diesel and LPG

LNG is an excellent cost effective replacement for diesel or LPG. Conversion of diesel engines is relatively straightforward with a fast return on investment.

Affordable energy for all

LNG is clear, colourless and non-toxic liquid that is sold as liquid fuel or turned back into gas at regasifciation plants. As the world moves to a lower carbon economy, LNG has emerged as an ideal transition fuel.

Flexible Feedstock Options

PolaireTech modular LNG plants can be connected to a variety of different feedstocks. A number of pre-treatment options are available for a variety of gas types including biogas, pipeline, natural gas and more.

Greener Technology

Significantly less GHG emissions as well as less particulates and other chemicals of concern. Low noise pollution from internal combustion engines. Polairetech modular plants set the benchmark in efficiency to minimise waste.

The PolaireTech Advantage

The Polaire small-scale plants stand out when compared to other designs, boasting the most attractive total cost of ownership, with low initial capital expenses, higher efficiency and significantly lower operating costs.

PolaireTech has enhanced the innovative ZR-LNG (Zero Refrigerant Technology) to minimize equipment requirements, streamline complexity, and enhance efficiency. This results in the Polaire P5TMand P60TM plants being straightforward, cost-effective, and user-friendly in terms of production, installation, and operation.

“We provide a fully optimised turnkey solution tailored to your unique needs, backed by our experienced project development, technology and EPC partners, each with a remarkable and well-established history of success.”

Featured News and Insights

PolaireTech LNG plants to monetise inland gas resources

PolaireTech LNG plants to monetise inland gas resources

[Johannesburg 2 September 2023] PolaireTech, a South African/Canadian joint venture company, has introduced modular small-scale liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants in southern Africa. These plants utilize a patented zero-refrigerant technology, reducing equipment count and capital costs. In response to the need for transitioning to cleaner fuels amid decarbonization efforts, natural gas serves as an interim solution. PolaireTech’s modular approach ensures efficient, scalable, and relocatable solutions, contributing to the sustainable development of the local LNG market.

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Understanding LNG

Understanding LNG

Explore the safety aspects of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). LNG, mainly methane, is transformed into a liquid state at -162°C for efficient transport. Learn about its cryogenic nature, density, and flammability limits, vital factors in handling. Discover the industry’s strong safety protocols, including protection layers and mitigation measures against fire, freeze burns, and asphyxiation. LNG’s excellent safety record is a result of strict standards and robust risk management. Stay informed about these safety practices for secure LNG handling.

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Global LNG market

Global LNG market

Medium term outlook for LNG The global LNG market is expected to be tight over 2022-26 as Europe’s quest to reduce its dependency on Russian gas increases demand for LNG. This will curb gas demand growth in China and emerging Asia as the European market outbids these...

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